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Friday, December 31, 2010

Session 6 Creative Writing Journal 101 Part 2

1. back to the page spreads with the circle pattern cut out...I've not got all the page spread shown but you get a good idea.

 2. After put the back ground color on with a baby wipe and squirt of fluid acrylics I let that dry and come back in with some of the gum eraser stamps I made. The page with the blue circles falling down with made with  color pencil end and a skewer that I dipped in the acrylics and dabbed on.  dry it with a hair dryer and then start working on the next spread.
 3. I felt this one has a lot of textural action going on so I'm going to leave it at that..just with the color.
 4. Using two colors blue and purple I then came back in with the little stamps.
 5. With the long 1 x 2 x 1 gum eraser I was able to stamp a nice red on top of the area where the gesso made the resist...you can see the different values of the color..
 6. Here is a page spread where I used the deli sheet from between the pages when I'm working.  I torn off the sections and glued them on. The one side has 2/3 pages and then the deli sheet glued to it and the color and textures share to show through...a small 1 x 2 x 1 stamp used with red.
7. All the circles I cut out from before I glued on to a 1/4 page I torn off and created a new page spread. Then I poked holes and added some thread..again I felt it calling to be sewn together there. Stamped with a blue leaf stamp and ready for the next page.

8. Back side of the new circle page in a different color scheme.  When you wipe on the color you can use the shapes like stencils which is another cool thing to show you all.

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