Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Session 5 Creative Writing Journals 101 part 4

1. Ironic that the spread says Part two and this is part two of this session 5.  I spread the gesso and used the tile grout spreader and created some texture to the two pages. 
2. I was in a moment when working on the book/journal and completely forgot the camera down stairs so I've come in after the fact and took the picture.  I use a roll of tape and placed it down on the page spread traced the inner circle..now you can do the out side of the tape circle if you want..but watch how big you make it..then I kept cutting the circle again and again in the next few pages..I think a total of 7 or 8 in all.  do as many as you want...and you can also cut half a circle in the next page, instead of doing what I did...play around with it..remember it all comes together in the end..so it really doesn't matter so much now.. One of the wonders about it is I sometimes create a little drama..well now I like to create lots of drama on the pages so the drama I create is...creating a problem so when mistakes happen they become a challenging spot in my creativity...
3. You can see the amount of the page spreads and the effect it can create..Now this is nothing special as of design wise...I probably seen it a magazine or True color's book way back when..I just add my spin on it or my two cents to it and it gives it just the right twist to make it mine...you can do that too. remember its about being creativity and enjoying the process and think about how cool it will be to write on this pages later with all the excitement your creating now.
4. Each page spread I've squirted a bit of gesso over the pages and here you can see the deli paper glued on behind the last circle cut and hanging off the edge. I used the big black clips to help hole the page spread open while I was taking a picture and some times I'll use it to hold the pages down so they don't keep closing on the wet surface of the gesso and stick together...now gesso isn't glue but if its touching it will stick together..
5. After the selection of circle cut out pages I torn some page and added on just plain deli paper and then you can see the hint of the big circles I cut out on the pages spreads ahead.
6. Here I've glued some of the left over circles I cut out to a torn page. I will add some gesso today to the area and continue a bit more preparing pages and then come back in with color,stamping strings, thread etc.

7. Here is a really shabby close up of the holes cut out..it's nothing now but think about what could happen with color and added texture. I really don't know what I'll be doing but I'm just excited looking at it.

The books I made before I would use them right away as of start doing some journal writing in them and work on the page spreads as I go along but this one I've decided to get it all done before..so it is a process and hard to keep up and keep at it..challenging yes..but it will be a gem to carry around later and sit at a coffee shop and writing in...eye's will google at you...as of what a cool book and they'll want one too. Yes throwing a bit of envy in there..can't hurt to motivate.


  1. It is really interesting seeing this unfold. Thanks for documenting the progress.

  2. Your welcome Seth...takes a bit of time as you and all of creative types know but well worth it...I'm on my last pages to write in of my one creative writing journal and I itching finish this book really soon..so many other projects which I'm thankful for..keeps the creativity flowing don't it..

  3. Thanks for sharing your processes. I am enjoyed seeing your journal unfold. It's quite interesting.


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