Friday, December 24, 2010

Session 5 Creative Writing Journal 101 Part 1

1. Moving in color and what colors to start with?  I'm reusing the stryo foam palette from the other the color on the spread will be Buff to start off..I've heard start with the lightest color and then bring in the darker ones..well experiment if you like so you see what works and what doesn't.  The Buff was a Jar acrylic so I added a bit of water to it so it wouldn't be like a paste...I need it to just be like a glazing...I spread it on with the brush at first and then I bring the baby wipes..Now if you have concern about the paint being on your hands you might want to put some gloves on..This is when it get messy and fun as you are holding the baby wipes in you hand the acrylics will soak through the wipes and get on your hands...just a bit of warning before you get started.  I usually have a box or ask students to bring them...sometimes I wear them myself and other times I take the risk and just go for it.  One of my most favorite things in art is to take a risk...see what happens..

2. I decided to use the buff first and then bring in oranges and reds as you can see I've not rubbed in the color over the whole surface.. and I've brought in value to the page spread too with working with the other colors after I finished...This is the stair spread I stared a few posts back...with the little squares shapes cut out from the parts of the page I cut off and glue back on throught the few page spread.

3. You can see the Shades of color changing with each page.. and I come back in with the baby wipes that are still moist and hold the color from the other pages..Remember this process is just about glazing the surface and allow the acrylics to soak into the areas that don't have a resist on them from the Gesso..You get some great lights and darks with this..

4. Now you can see where I've brought in the little gum eraser stamps...Just adding a little more character to the page..The CWJ's are not altered books but kind of you use real book but you don't go and add a whole bunch of stuff you leave space for the written word..I look at these pages and get excited and can't wait till I can start writing in it, babbling away and rambling on about my little crazy loving life.

 5. I'm showing you different spreads I've been working on. Mainly I bring in the color and then come back in to the spread and add the embellishments and stamping...I don't add alot of other mediums mainly because of the writing tools later..As I've found out the pens I use to write with are Uni-ball 207's and I like Mico the best..any ways they will write over just about anything..but when you bring in pastels and other mediums like that the pens have a harder time.. when I get writing I like to have a flow happening with my pen.
Don't know if that's something you can relate to or not, but nothing like a staled pen to stop a good processing from happen on the pages.   The Journal is for writing in.. In this spread you can see the wavey lines I made with the tile grout spreader much easier then when it was just the gesso.  I like the surprises you get when you do this.. again you can personally decided how much you want to put on or take off, espeically with the baby wipes..rub hard it comes off almost all,  rub softely and you get alittle off.
6. You can see that I've left the deli papers between the spreads( if you don't have deli papers use wax paper) so that I don't over shoot the color on to another page that I don't want.. I've left the baby wipes there so you can also my handy dandy tools...I've stated before I like to use the fluild acrylics mainly for the use of this baby wipes..their moist and will  help the acrylic paint spread color longer. Three basic colors..Red, Blue and Yellow used.

7. This page spread had the sections scrapped off with the gesso making a checkboard effect and I never know what color and what design is meant for the spread..I love the quick grab and just do process..( work station is or table space is reflects it too...tee.. hee...) get the thinking part out of it and let the body take over..I spend to much time upstairs in the old head as you can see I've used up some color that was on my palette again and I like this design with the circle..pen cap and a plastic bowl turned up side down are used to create a stamp.

8. I cut out a fish a few post back and I glued on an page and now here's the spread..the words She Lives jumped out at me and I made sure I didn't cover it with the gesso on the one side and on the other side I scribbed into the gesso the same words when the gesso was wet.. using color that is left on the baby wipes and working fast I bring to this spread and adding a bit more acrylic here and there.

 9. The same spread from above but you can see I really changed it around by the time I finished it..Thats OK..I say go with it let it happen..again no right or wrongs with this just the simple act of doing..

9. Revisiting the first page spreads I seen those little stamped circles calling for something extra so I used my hole punch and put some holes in and brought a orange ribbon through and tied a knot at both ends.  Extra texture was what it was calling for.


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    interesting use of color for story (see )

  2. how kewl are these pages!!!!


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