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Friday, December 24, 2010

Session 5 Creative Writing Journal 101 Part 2

1. Second part here, I've added a few colors in certain parts, the eye shape is there too.
2. I've added a small ribbon piece there on the page before so now it's showing on this side, I used the hair picks  and some deep orange to add a lash effect around the shape of the eye..

3. The exta shape from cut out of the page was glued on and I know I was going to do something to it and here is what I decided..using the hole punch, and the cutting pad underneath so you don't go through the other pages.  If you don't have a cutting board use some cardboard.

4. I've stamped on the opposite page..and you can see the strings coming out, I used the string like a putting it on a tag...
5. Back side of the eyelash page and now moving into the gold fish page.  All color is applied with a baby wipe.

6. I added a few stamping of the pen cap for the bubbles coming up from the goldfish.

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  1. Love that eye! And the colors with the fish!


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