Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Midwest Collage Society Meeting and just some ramblings

I have a meeting with the Midwest Collage Society today around 1:00ish till 4, I've not be able to make it or the past 5 months or so..and I just can't believe it.. how well it's moving forward. I've started a couple of other groups in my past and the same thing has happened..they don't need me any more.  I kind of feel like a mother that has lost her child to the real world and they don't need me any more..For some crazy thinking I'm trying to grab something to see if I'm needed and reality is I'm not...What I need to do is look at the fact that when I started the group off with another artist we had dreams of it being what it is today.  So being proud of it is the best place to be not thinking I"m not needed any more...sorry just needed to share that this morning and get it off and out.  I'm not trying to brag if it sounds like, but I've done all the jobs now and where I'm to be is setting up the meeting dates, checking the mailbox at the post office and communicating with the National Collage Society being we are now a group connected to them with a non for profit status.. What a wonderful place to be with a group or family member is to see that they can function with out you...kind of a life lesson..being I still have all my children still living in the homestead here I can only imagery what it will be like when one of our finally moves out...sad but yet so proud of them..

Went out yesterday afternoon and did a bit of Christmas shopping..tryed really hard to get in the spirit of things..I stopped at four stores and purchased a few gifts and then went food shopping and home...I really don't like to be in all the craziness of holiday shopping...but have to start...My Christmas cards are printed out need to work on the insides and addresses.. I would like to bring the Christmas stuff down today but might wait till Monday...

I took care of a stack of art business paper work and recorded it and filed it...can't help but think of tax time too with the it follow right behind Christmas.. I usually try to get that done for the FASA stuff dealing with my young adults going to college.

OK now I'm rambling....


  1. I'm with you - I do not enjoy going out with the crowds either. We have simplified things here now. You will too some day as your family gets older. Now it's all about being together and Danielle! I should get my tree out and up today too, but I am dragging my feet and thinking just so I get it up this week! And I love it - but so much to do.

  2. Mom had her tree up for Thanksgiving and now her decorating is done. So many plans and so many directions.


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