Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the year...looking over the list of goals and sharing a gift.

This is a collage from my niece, who just came over and I gave her a crash course in collage and some medium(glue and gesso) and a few books to work with and look what she did...she's got some creative ablities that have been stashed for the boy scene but are coming out now...she so needs a outlet to be expressive and creativity..but she gave me this gift of her first collage...I'm so honored that I had to post it...And my daughter picked her name for the grab bag Christmas exchange and bought her more papers and gave her some of my hand made papers too. Really nice don't you think?

It's the end of the year and panic sets to get my paper work in order and ready for tax so that I can see how much I owe to the state...but before I go there I'm going walk the dogs and then  look at my list of goals for 2010 and see what worked and what didn't... if I dont' get back here I got side tracked...and headed up stairs..

OK back from walking both dogs separately feeling so much better to get out and move in a forward motion...
Now my goals from this past year

1. Be more professional......well not sure if I've been but I think It's been about being Authentic.
2.Finish new website at lest my info to my web ranger by the end of Feb2010...well that was done and will need to be done again for this new year too.  this can be done really once a month.
3.Continue to enter art shows, exhibits, and fairs, keep that artwork working for me...well I would say that's been done. and can continue for 2011
4. Continue to exhibit at J2gallery in Chicago, doing that and also at Flying pig which is a nice bonus.
5. Cut back on wasted time of bad useless habits...Hmm I really think the face book thing got me this year..thinking of letting go of that and just sticking with my blog, website and eblast..
6. Walk more...doing that..mainly to clear the mind..and now with the new puppy he needs to walk just as much as I do.
7. Go out to lunch with friends and creative types...did that and continuing that into the year...
8.Engage in some fun new projects...One is the MYM journal project and the other is the creative writing journals, it is still continuing into this year..
9. Stay on top of my art business...I try to but been slacking and really bored of it...terrible to say.
10. Be at Peace more...well to be honest with you all and's a job to work at being at many things distract me but walking is so important to my continue I will continue that. more...that's been going well but I want to read three books at once as I reading skills get a bit jumbled at times but I'm read some good books this year.. yes all related to art, artist and keeping life on track but I'm reading and feel good about that.
12. Learn photo shop, did that!!not an expert but I've got basics and that's enough for now.
13. set up workshops out of state...its on the table now...Dillmon's May and Whispering Woodlands June
14. finish 13 moon series  done and sold one with many prints too.
15.fix display panels...well I was going to get new ones but as the end of the year came around for the fair scene I was able to purchase material for the panels that is stretchy and will be a better fit. 

I would like to continue a few of this goals and really make them new habits for life but that's another day and post... shower and to the studio and then out to lunch with a art buddy.

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