Monday, December 20, 2010

a bit raw, edgy and feeling good.

Old fashion, Attitude with Love, 12 x 12 collage on canvas.

Spent the morning playing in the studio, I didn't touch the Creative Writing Journal..had wanted to but felt the one 12 x 12 was calling to be looked at.  I'll be in an exhibit in Feb of 2011 with my art tribe and it will have the theme "Woman and Hearts". So that helped me make some choices about what directions I wanted to go with this 12 x 12 collage on canvas.  As I write to you now on the post I'm waiting for the sun to come up a bit more so I can take the canvas out side and snap a picture of to post here.. The whole week I've been getting up stairs first before the daily chores of the homestead and holiday shopping and it's makes a big difference in the attitude the rest of the day...what you have to do is let go of the really as they say the dishes will always be there and trust me they will. though it is nice to come down from the studio and the homestead is all clean but then I go and get sidetracked on some other kind of business and don't make it up stairs.  So it felt good to capture some time early and then do my running around, came home had some lunch and got started on cleaning the house...perfect time all the young adults were working and it was me and the tired dogs home...see I fit a mid morning walk in for them.  I got bit crazy and went and washed the plywood and ceramic floors...yes the plywood floors..see we are still under construction and probably will be for the rest of my biggie...any ways I felt so good by the end of the day...touched base on all my of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...was a good day..

The piece I show above really needs a better picture(not sharp) which I'll be working on but for now...I'm really like it, not my normal stuff lets say there's a bit of raw emotion in it and some visual art journal going on.  I had wanted to do some image transfer of words but back off from that as I wanted an attitude to speck on this one..Let it be said, "she's this young woman and she's hiding behind an attitude so that she can keep the old fashion spirit preserved for her love, which she believes in strongly and wants to protect."   every once in a while a good one slips out that I really don't care if others like it, I feel strongly about because I felt it captures what I was trying to convey...doesn't it matter in the big scheme of things if you or they get really like the edgy, rawness of the I've said before I'm at the mercy of them always..

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  1. I added a word..thought I wasn't but the word Grace came and I had a tranfer ready to I'll have to show you all another image of this piece...


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