Friday, December 10, 2010

Another day I ask, "where did you go?"

I think I've been walking in a holiday fog,  All I know is that I wanted to get to the post office and mail out the last of the cards and a few that will be going out of country...and I was home on the computer of the rest of the day...I had an image of one of my piece that the Austin Seminary liked but for the process of printing I've learned that a tif file in a high resolutions would be best...didn't have one so  I was frantically chasing after my second oldest to take a picture of it with her big girl camera and I had to go to work...with adjusting the color and size.  Then I felt that having a contract with them about the use of the image and getting paid for that use would be a good thing....sitting at the computer to right that all out as they didn't have a contract for it...just asked other artists and if was a simple things I guess...Well it was simple but I just felt that I need to pull a bit of some shared information from my Art tribe about things and made up the contract and waiting many time on the emails for signatures and OKs...I was then a veggie head the rest of the night...I said I worked for that one....and the family didn't feel one bit sorry..not that I wanted them to but the all joked that it wasn't work..."letting that one go"  cause I know it was and it was worth it.. Now to weasel may way up the stairs today to the studio...I so badly want to be... Got to remember the holidays will pass and to enjoy the down time cause once the new year!   and I need to get to the woods and walk...Oh I've missed that too. so I see the day is setting itself before my eyes... I do have a phone conference again this morning around 9:00 with the gals from Ed Hoy...probably for the class I'll be co-teaching with Gloria in Feb 2011...I almost completely forgot about it.   I see my good orderly directions is always guiding me to the next thing...

Oh for anyone interested...we have decided to order, no custom order rims for the transit connect...a bit scary as we really don't know what were getting but we are going for it...And in a few weeks I should be receiving my dream license plates...LNCROW 4... crazy I know but all part of living the dream. Well its time for the Hankster to be fed he's really growing.. almost to the hips now on me..ramble...babble and rambling some more..

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  1. Moving in many directions there. All falling into place as needed.


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