Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I had wanted to show what I did in the studio yesterday but I'm not sure I like it at was some papers I collaged to a 12  x 12, with the 2011 spring colors and it's not my palette so...feeling a bit uncomfortable with that.. I'm going to pass.. mainly I longed to be in the studio creating and carrying out the next series of work 6 - 12 x 12's and I'm not there. I'm away from my  plan of attack, (I'll call it) I get frustrated and a bit angry inside.. but I have to lay the fears to one is taking anything away from me it's just that I'm taking a bit of a break for the week..I see my passion getting sidetrack and it doesn't feel comfortable at all.. but I can adjust to that..flexibility is the name of the game now...set aside your wants and needs a bit for the good graces of the holiday and family time...sounds like I'm such a ego manic doesn't it..well I'm not it's just been a function for so many years hard to pull a creative spirit away from the source of their obsession...  Can you hear my crabbiness?  well I refocusing and "get a grip girl friend" as I have the pep talk with myself this morning... Just quit your woman whining and get on with the HUGE List today...  I'm really grateful things are working out besides all I want to be able to put some images up of new work but I've got no new work to show... (sigh and a bit disappointed) but will get pass this like all the other times...


  1. You've got such a huge repertoire of work... plug in some history. Catering colors to someone else's taste is extremely difficult and the color palette will change again next spring and the work will be obsolete, quite a commercialized road.

  2. Be true to yourself. You always do a great job listening to what your spirit guides you to do. Remember it's about you and those close to you that make your spirit soar. Remember to breathe.


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