Saturday, November 20, 2010

some of this and some of that~

 Some of this....
OK so we this couch and yes it's been taken over by the dogs...Carl our little terrier mixed is about 35 lbs and you can see Hank now pushing a good 45lbs.,  which Hank was just a bit smaller then Carl when we brought him home at 3 1/2 months's TV time for them... with a bit of nap time inbetween.
I bought myself a gift,  FlashBags I had wanted the larger bag the gals offer but they emailed me and let me know my work would look better if it wasn't on as long a I went that route and then I got a clutch bag with that... so cool isn't?   Now this might not be an every day bag or purse but it's great for haul those extras around and it's your own work on the bag..You can put photo's on there too. 

Now some of that....
I was able to make it to the studio and it felt so good...I gave myself an hour and a bit more to make some cards...I have the hardest time making them  before I know it I've spent three hours on one card.. but I was able to work fast and make this little ones. (below in yesterdays post)  Then I cleaned up and went out to do the food shopping for the dinner next Thursday...   I really am excited to do all this stuff for the dinner we are going to have a house full and I don't know how it will all work out but I do know when you bring family together it's always a good time..

some more of that....
I went to the Jeep dealer the other night and test drove a four door jeep and I just didn't like them like I though I would...So I think today I'm going to test drive a Ford Transit...yes those ugly little funny looking things.. there's  not a lot a bells and whistle with them..the husband is doing the checking on that as of no power locks, no power windows and really very basic..their made for the inner city hauling and now that I have a pony, art, supplies, panels and tents and I'm not making any drastic changes with my future plans for my job I will be thinking of something that will work best for all the of purchasing something that is nice to drive and then getting a trailer or have it all in one...The think that I'm toying with this and I don't have to do this but it's something at this point that I might want to...(sick of hearing about it)..I know the husband is already but he puts up with me...

I was doing some looking at my goals for this year, by the way is almost done, and I can see how it has keep me on track and I like that... I could help but think about what I would like to do more for next year...
1. teaching,
2 workshops, out of state
3. sell more art...

and then I thought about this phone conversation I heard from Alyson's Art Biz site the other day and she shared with another art coach about having a few streams of income coming in...and it's what a lot of people are doing in anyways as of a few jobs there working at but of an artist of any, writing etc. one needs to have a income coming in and how do you do that...?  good question..just what I've been doing now for a while but as a stream of income happens you also have to look at the areas that are working and and the ones that aren't..and where you need to fine tune them or vamps some area's I'll be looking at that.. reality is this is what I know how to do, not perfect by far but it's what comes naturally to me and I'm going to try and go with that and see where it leads me.. Steam of Income was also shared at a lecture I heard in the city at one of the Chicago Culture Center function.   OK so you heard this and that and now it's about time to bust a move on the's all about living the dream here and now...swinging it all into action right??


  1. I love those Flash Bags! Haven't heard of them.

  2. All looking good! Those bags would have been great in Naperville or LaGrange's holiday show!


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