Sunday, November 28, 2010

A slow start to a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning...Chatted with my mom in Arkansas yesterday, she's driving the school bus (retired, now was a cross country truck driver) as a extra and been kept pretty busy these days.. My step father is ailing with dementia which there are good days and bad days.  But my mom is a warrior woman in my eyes..she's got some skills that help her keep going and I'm proud of her too.. Driving a bus is in her blood if that's every calculated in your DNA she's got it.. and it's great for her as a outlet to the real world...Hard to be a care giver with my step fathers mother and now him she needs to have that in her life and I'm glad she went out seeking to see if there was anything for her.  She's been sharing how she's been fixing stuff around the house, the thermostat broke, she opt to use a new old school one and hooked that up instead of the digital ones..she was so tickled..teehee that she fixed it.  I just love when a woman has the skills to fix things besides broken skin and mending hurt hearts... we/woman have the skills and know how's hidden in all of us.. and vise verse for the man...another woman I know like that is my Cousin Doris...Rank them up on my woman to honor list along side my sister Tina too.

Well where am I today...darn I ask emotionally and physically?  yes..I've been trying to grab a few pages each day of this one book I started reading..(I put on my year's goals to read more books, which is happening)   Creative Time and Space..making room for making art...I've got the room, and the supplies and I can roll on up stairs to the studio in my pj's but some how the other things and homestead needs takes over and I spend so much time futts-ing around the house that I'm pooped by the time I get to the studio..or drained...ideas float around in my head and I get up there and I'm feeling like I'm in a OZone place...I do have to give myself a break and not try to beat myself up for not being able to just punch out the work all the time and especially while preparing for a big holiday fest...come on Laura you have family and  this is your holiday...crazy I know but little bits of the obsession and passion fighting for it's place in my bit of life..

So I'm goal oriented and need to have goals... to motivate me to step forward or I end up getting lost on the way side...though it's also a natural course as I do understand in this in myself and from what I read...Lets say I'm feeling a kinship there to the artist's in the book..Creative time and space  You know the tide is out but it always comes back in... So knowing everything has a cycle is a relief to know and don't have to put fear in places... Also a big foot stomper.. was the break I am taking now with out teaching...I so need it but I also feel so distance from the place that feels so much like home...teaching...just like my mom with bus driving...she's a natural and it comes natural to her..  So ideas, some concrete and some floating are in reach and I'm moving forward to make them happen..Spirit willing..Any kind of melancholy ness I was in is now passing and the mind and body are getting recharged for yet another round of creative excitement...

so what is a blog for?  it's really what you make it to be and for me it's way to deal with the parts of my life that need a few more moment then seconds to look at..
Peace in and out today..

Note to self:  need to make a new brochure up.. people love to have something to take away for free... I know I am pamphlet junkie..

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