Monday, November 15, 2010

phone call and Hank

Pitched my design to the gals today while doing another phone conference...(kind of cool) and it looks as though I might be take a two day personal study with Gloria and seeing how all this stuff works and then setting up a class for people to take with more of a collage design flare to it...taking new steps.. and this project is till in very beginning planning stages and it looks to be in 2012 that will be coming to really possibility..

Well all day I've been on the edge of the sit and can I say..yes I can.. those darn moths in the pantry had me busy all late morning and early afternoon and I'm thankful for them...they keep me busy so my brain wasn't worrying about Hank...the whole family is amazed how attached we are to him already and it's only been a month. You see he was fixed today and I had to bring him in early this morning and I was an emotional wreck..I was also thankful to have the Fullersburg woods close by so I went for nice walk after I dropped him off.  So now he's home and so sleepy which is good because it will help him heal faster.. and my pantry is cleaned out and hopeful darn moths will truly is amazing and where they hide... even with the suggestion of putting every thing in to a zip lock baggie.. Sophie our cat loves it she can go in there now and nose around..

So I've looked at the calendar too and see that it's 10 days before Thanksgiving...and about time for my big cleaning frenzy...yearly thing and the family runs and hides...terrible but then they are out of my way of cleaning..

Time for dinner and rest the feet and see how the Hankster is doing..


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    My family runs and hides at cleaning time too! You would think they would stay and help...not in this lifetime...doh!

  2. Mine just stay and get in the way. Oh, Hank...xox

  3. to thinking about this all as a pre spring cleaning might help the mindset..right?

  4. Oh, to have all the cleaning done and back on track!

  5. Are they those little annoying moths??? If so they hate bay leaves. You put some in the pantry and no more moths.


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