Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Living the dream

Here is Doris on the left and a few of my small abstract landscapes on the wall at The Flying Pig..

The new saying around the house hold is "Living the Dream"  and usually comes out when your working darn hard at what you need to know putting the footwork in...Good hard honest work...

Yesterday I was very antsy about the phone conference and it went I did hope for...why is that the need to know how it's going to be, before it happens is such a needy things...Like being a good scout and being prepared I guess years of that thinking and much more always has me needing to know sometimes I just don't get it right off the bat so any information I can gather before hand is helpful in grasping the speaking of concept now the phone call had to deal with the steps the two artist, Glora and myself will be taking right off the bat that  Maria our boss/leader has ask moving out of a comfort zone for me and having to toy with some sketching out of an idea is a bit uncomfortable but doable...Gloria will send me some sites to check out and then I have till Nov 15th to rough it out..and send to her and see what we each come up with...Gloria was happy to see that we have the same feel for our home landscape being we both live in the she lives in Michigan and I in Ill. here.. so we have a connections...Now in the mean time our leader Maria will be pitching this to the Manufacturer to see if she can get funding...I still don't know the details and I think it's going to be OK...As the Husband said yesterday morning just be yourself and all will be well.  what good advice to help me remember the important grounded in how you are and all will be fine...such peace, worked like a charm...need that man around a little bit more during the day other projects or just to remember...staying grounded and at peace with myself is the best mind set around, well for me that is.

After the phone call, I had to run out and vote...Wow the polling place was very busy, good to see the neighbors there...the dog walking neighbors that is..

Then came home to eat some lunch..had gotten myself so wound up about the silly phone conference that I forgot to eat breakfast so I was supper hungry and after lunch I took the two four legged critters to the woods...Hank has started  "bite the face of Carl"  his walking buddy and it's very frustrating to Carl and me to walk.. Carl would correct this on his own but being the alpha of the pack I stepped in.. I usually keep them on leash but let them sniff and wander and not to be so controlled with the walking but I seen that I  needed to get some control over this behavior...all I could see was this happening when he's still in the puppy mode and about 70 lbs more... so we actually nipped it in the butt and corrected that and what was really interesting is as the other woods walkers were coming up to us I practiced some control behavior with them both..I made the sit and stay with me as the people walked by with out leaping out and we were able to do that at lest three time..perfect to the very happy for the both of  my companions...and we hear good praise from the walkers of the woods as... "they are so well behaved"...I'm have my personal fear of not being able to control the big guy Hank but really when I face it now with the training mode going on I don't think I will have that problem but it's amazing how when you put yourself in the mode of what is proper and now and making the corrections as they happen wonderful things happen...I'm sure you can see that I'm enjoying this time...

I was able to make it up to the studio after the walk and the pupperoni's slept...Hank on the studio carpet and Carl on the bed..his spot...all is good and at that point I had accomplished my list and I can honestly say I was Living the Dream...My dream that is.. of being able to tend the homestead, chores, walking in the woods and do the art... Spent the evening reflecting on that all with a little extra journal writing...
Now today two place I have to be to drop off work and drop off class descriptions and contracts to teach in 2011 at Naperville Art League...  see classes scroll down..

Hoping to get back up stairs to the studio this afternoon and evening ...finished number two of the gray/yellow series and I feel that there will be four all together 12 x 12's canvas and will be framed in a black frame so that they can hang on the wall as one unit or separate..and can be mixed around as of how they/possible customer would like them to be.  ( my personal practice in the less is more concept, and still more to come)

Sad oldest fish died yesterday, it was in the afternoon..we tried what we could but the illness took it toll on him..the other one is not doing well but the bottom feeder I have in there, Placostumos(sp) is doing well, so it's some thing the Oscars get... we will keep the tank in the kitchen but probably get assortment of regulars.. Love my fish...the sound and peace they bring watching them swim.

Got some inspiration for the next project this morning while doing morning pages, besides the Glass one... I won't be adding to the My faceless people series it's done 5 us the limit on that...but I will be working on the Cradle boards... note to self...put image up on the site of the faceless people series...really soon.

Oh this time of year has me very wordy and will of inspirations.. Living that Dream~

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  1. Good to hear that Hank is getting needed corrections. He'll be a most welcome host to visitors! Keep that dream moving forward, sounds just wonderful, all the directions!


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