Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The list has a mind of it's own

It totally amazes me how that happens but I think everyone sees that I check things off on the list and if they want something done give it to mom and she'll do it and not even realize she did and it's done...no for real that doesn't happen. But I do look at my lists as the jobs for the day and try really hard to accomplish them, which I know I've jabber about before..so boring right...?

I was able to work on the second piece in the gray/yellow "less is more concept" and had a companion on the studio floor for most of the time..Hank seem to like it there,  stretches out and takes the afternoon nap. 

Today I have my first ever phone conference with the artist Gloria Badiner and Maria from Ed Hoy's.,  Husband said just be yourself...I laugh and say Oooo I don't know if that's safe or not... but we got a good chuckle out of that.. all new and some fear but not enough to freeze me... just enough to keep me on my toes.

I need to finish up some things for the Saturday event at the IAEA..as of put the poster/banner things together and get it ready to sit nicely on a easel..so I'll be doing some fancy foot work with that.

I also need to get the labels done for Thursday morning,  the show I'll be hanging at the restaurant...you see the list just starts growing and I wonder...how does this happens but it's the beginning of the holiday season and it's a good time to get the work out there...

Jumbling it all and loving it all.. no complaints just seeking to keep it simple and smooth and all will be good.. Just "living the dream" and to live the dream you've got to work for it.. and along the way it happens.

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  1. Best of luck with the phone conference, you'll do great!


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