Sunday, November 14, 2010

heading back up to the drawing board...

I just am not getting the results I want with this sketch...the thing is what results do I want...?  big question there..I froze up yesterday afternoon and took a nap and then fretted about it the whole night long...Why?  fear that will put a stopper on anything you do.... Oh I'm coming up with all the good excuses...I don't have direction...I need more input to go on...then the wretched only mess starts in my head from inner critic  Sue...
Oh you don't know what your doing do should have not even said yes to this...back out now before you make a really mess of yourself.   Well...thankful I've got a good routine going with my morning pages and I've been using them...I do like what I did so far.. I was able to doing some visualizing a bringing it to the paper surface, which is a very great big step for me.. Then this morning I was able to spend some time with some other ideas and I would like to give it a try again and see what happens.. Rocks, trees, streams, a great blue heron, geese in the air flying some cattails and colors, soft and rich... so as you can see from the picture above, it's not like this at all but I've got to give myself credit for getting it going this far...Yes I'm talking to myself and now showing all of you this right now.. but it's progress in a different form then I've done before...going to eat some breakfast and then head on up stairs let the house go for a while, and then pick later and I've got a Art Tribe meeting tonight...we've been trying to meet now for a while but things have come up so tonight is the night.. might be exciting as Erin Melloy might stop in so it will be good to hear what she has to say..networking...


  1. It's a wonderful start! Tell Sue that perfect comes with practice and this is new material!

  2. It's wonderful, Laura!


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