Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hanging a one person show in Aurora

I'm pretty well ready for hanging 15 piece at the Restaurant in Aurora, 33 West Trattoria .  An artist friend of mine is the contact person and has them all set up with easy hanging there with a nice system..I'm really excited about it.  I will have about 42 piece of art out there in the DuPage area of ILL. for the holiday season and some works down in Decatur IL which is another 7....I've been working each day to get this squared away with writing up class descriptions..and chatting with art centers to schedule some classes...been a busy like girl... still have more to do yet as of next week I switch work out at the Gallery in Geneva too. All part of the Art biz...keeping track of it has been the hard part, but that one day last week that I spent a good two hours pulling out the work to figure where each piece would go and then writing it all down.. I even did it for the local art leagues... or other wise it could get taking the time to record now helps out later if I ever have questions...

I missed my walk and time in the studio yesterday and so did of every day we have had time I've spend time walking or doing some kind of extra activity to help burn the puppy power off but last night with out a walk we were given a funny show of that behavior...I can only imagine a few days of pinned up energy and what happens to the furniture etc... so today the top jobs are hang art..walk dogs and get my butt up to the studio...keeping the balance in tack..


  1. If only I had some time to keep track and order. Need a secretary.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    That's quite a collection of work out there on display. I wish you many, many sells! Btw the date on Hank's picture is incorrect. You might want to change it so in years to come you won't have the wrong birthdate. Anyway, I have to say I love and look forward to your posts and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. thanks ladies I changed the dates..


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