Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Easying into the day....

Feeling a bit drained today...the list was large yesterday and I'm thankful for that keep me busy and the mind in a right frame.. but today I'm feeling that a bit of bug is trying to make itself known..slight headache and then a fun neck thing and a flush of heat...maybe the hot flashed but not sure...will keep thing moving today but at a bit of a more relaxed state...I have to make my list for the holiday meal and get my brain in the right frame of mind...I do enjoy having the family over. This year it will be the whole family so may have some standing room only moments as they  come and go..

First on my list is to clean my studio, with working on the project I've been creating and dumping left and right not caring about the why things go back...The floor is a bit of a mess too as of Hank has been helping me make some awesome recycled paper with the heavy cardboard tub I had that I gave him to only play with while in the studio..( need to find something else soon that's but ready to go into a collage)

The Husband and I are toying around with the idea of purchasing a new vehicle but the dreaded Payments come with it... and full insurance...Ouch... with the things I have lined up for 2011 I will need a good vehicle to get me back and forth... so weighing thing out and hoping a good deal floats to the top...bit if a secret is I just may be getting the black jeep wrangler I wanted and with licence plates that say LNCROW4 on it... It could happen but I fight inside with the dreaded amount of money it will cost to do this...though it's something the husband and I both have wanted for a long time...he's 50 and I'll be working on it come June so do we go for it??? sending it up to see what happens..

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  1. Some pretty good deals out there on vehicle loans!


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