Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where did the day go?

I decided the last couple of mornings to go walking early and I'm so happy I did...the forest is so wonderful, I'm just in awe of it...I can't get enough of the smells... so sweet and the sounds.  The coolness of the mornings and the fast glimpses of the White tails dashing off.  The Redtails are out circling and the cedar wax wings are gathering for the trip south..Groups of Robins form and chatter...Again I'm in awe over the experience each year and so grateful that the experience makes an impact on me like it does..

So with all the computer time I've been putting in updating images which aren't that many I think about 17 and updating some of the exhibit stuff I've had to walk away and completely forgot to post yesterday..not that I have to every day but it's become a routine of mine...I concerned it a learning experience too for my need to improve my writing skills.

I had to do some homestead cleaning the dust puppies were taking over thank God I have a Old Rainbow Vacuum cleaner...that baby sucks up anything.. I had wanted to get out and do the yard work but got sidetrack washing blankets and bed always can't be about feeling a bit sad that I didn't make it to the studio...but I have a good start on the last of the faceless series..I say the last but not sure...I might do something different. The need to start a new series of less is more concept is filtering to the top lately.

I've also been working on schedules for 2011..yes 2011 that's right..the love of teaching but I truly hate to over think that far in advance but one has to if you want to have a space and time slot to teach and to help give you enough time to promote it... all the behind the scene work going on..not complaining one bit just facing reality.. that's all.

Not to do the homestead paper work.....BiLLS and then on with the day.

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