Tuesday, October 05, 2010

some more thoughts

A sharing from a mediation book this morning...  and it goes like this....

I believe I have a beautiful spirit that has been created for some purpose. The people and situations I encounter each day also have beauty and purpose. I can begin to look for the positive in everything I do and see. The perspective I’ve gained by doing so has shown me that some of the most difficult times in my life have produced the most wonderful changes.

It may be difficult to break a long-established pattern of depression, doom-sayings, and complaining, but it’s worth the effort. I’ll replace a negative attitude with a positive one today.

“Sometime I go about pitying myself and all the while I am being carried across the sky by beautiful clouds.” Ojibway Indian saying

not that I'm have one of those days..in fact I feel that I've not been having these kind of day because of a more positive thinking and pattern changing going on..
I was able to accomplish a load of things on my list yesterday and had to watch for distractions but I stuck to it and work is expect to arrive in Wisconson, Algoma  at the The Flying Pig on Wednesday and I've got a day set for a road trip up there to pick up other work that is a bit to big to ship..and tended to the Van's needs as of had the oil changed and my fish are still living and I keep changing the water and they keep hanging in there with me...and the added bonus is the different nuthatches come into my feeder yesterday and today...the regualar Nuthatch and the soft colored orange breasted ones.  There is migration going on the assortment of birds is really very enjoyable to watch. 
I am feeling for the husband as he had to have some teeth pull and he wanted to take his harley for a ride too but little did he know he was going to run out of gas on the way home with four of his teeth pulled, no feeling in his mouth and wads of gauze keeping him from bleeding all over the place... Had know idea he went through that...he won't carry a cell phone so he did make it home and calmed down some, sleep wasn't the best but he made it though and off to work he went..
whelp... off to the studio to put into action all that I chatter about...

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  1. Lots of forward motion there. (Someday Randy will laugh about this day!) Ouch!


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