Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random entry and still making some connections

 I had gone to the studio to start on the faceless people piece and I was ambushed by the need to pick up where I left off yesterday. I was in the studio and the feeling of being lonely came over me...You know the feeling like..." I wish someone would call and we could just chat and I would feel a nice connections" so I added color to this piece and then did a little journal writing about being lonely..started to feel a bit better so I grabbed the National Geo I had sitting there and went though it and saw the big map of how the gulf coast was is still will be effected and I cut out the three brown pelicans and then there was a write up about Jane Goodall and her chips so the journal page  started to take a life if it's own.. The my daughter called me down cause the mail came and I had few packages...Oh I love packages.. ( if you notice I'm not gluing my pages I trying to use something else and this time for the spread it will be a skewer painted black..
Back page of the skewer and the post card..
which i love both sides..will have to make a copy of the letter and put in there too. 

In the pile of mail I went through I found this post card from Julie over in England.. and I was thinking about how I was feeling and that it wasn't a phone call but a post card that let me know I don't need to feel lonely any more.. thanks Julie  as you can see this postcard..(by the way I hope you don't mind) will be added to the next spread...I just love the colors in it and the smooth pebbles.. I'm going to take my cousin Doris to the Pebble beach when we go to Door County and we are going to collect a few..


  1. I know that feeling of loneliness very well. Artists work so many hours alone and become quite isolated. I'm glad you had that little connection from Julie. Wish we lived closer :(. We could visit each other's studio then and get rid of the dreaded lonelies. Thinking of you :)

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    That would be lovely... Come on over, I'm making cakes! Hehe! But, I know just what those lonely feelings are like too and I'm really glad I can go and visit Laura, Uta, Doris, April and the other inspiring people in Blogland via the net. And Uta cheers us all up with her sense of fun!

  3. Aw shucks thank you Julie :P

  4. I get lonely when I'm around people who aren't like-minded! I still need some down time...


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