Friday, October 29, 2010

Putting things in motion

I did a little time extra at the computer yesterday morning writing out descriptions for classes..I will be teaching at Naperville Art League come Jan to May 2011, 4 session of collage classes, one leading into the other.. so the first one that I've posted on the blog here is basics in design....I've wanted to start a class like this for sometime now..I've learned so much more from when I taught it long ago...for the artist that are more experience it can only help them hone in on their compositional skills.  And for new artists they will get a good base to start off.  I also will be teaching in Feb an art journal class at Mayslake Peabody Estate..I so love the atmosphere there...wooded property and big tall  trees out side and ceilings in,  with lots of windows and good people.. More details will come in an eblast shortly..

I got the hanging date for a one person show at the restaurant in Aurora, 33 West  next Thursday  Nov 4th .. and it will hang for two this weekend I'll be pulling out the art work and seeing what looks compatible together.

Now after lunch yesterday I had one of those moments again where I had to get busy and get the papers I need to work on made..Love it when moments come like that..."hell or high waters can't stop me"

 I have those 12 canvas..well now 11 that I want to put the "Less is more, concept into actions with and the trip to the Door County and the lake with the smooth rocks and pebbles is a perfect subject matter to play around with..any ways..trailing off here I need the materials to pull that off so I made a whole bunch of gray stained tissue papers,  dark to light.
 I checked on them this morning and seen some are dry and others with the plastic didn't have good air flow so their a bit wet still so I've spread them out so they can dry.  I've got to coat the gray ones and apply yellow to the lunch bag paper that I've already applied Gesso can see the big sheets of engineer design plans underneath, I've coated them with gesso too.. I will need to make some buff colored papers and some clear string papers and then I'll be bust a move on this stuff...I seem to love to squeeze in the time between loads of other things going on...years of working in a the family time has taught me, "you better not waste it right?"          

 Drying rack with more gray papers.. and the canvas waiting for inspiration to touch the surface.
Now this is something a bit different... back a few days ago I did the tour of the Ed Hoy's International Warehouse and was asked to think things over and see if I would like to work on a collaborative project involving about 15 or so other glass artist...I was stumped by this at first but I have to kick the darn critic out of the way and just go for it...they would like me to work with the other artist Gloria B and head this up and make the biggest hanging piece of art with the most techniques shown for the wall in the large open space of the one section of the offices in the warehouse and possibly get it in the Genius book of wild is that..I've got till Monday to say  I'm in or I'm out... I have to say I'm turning this over to my higher power for some guidance....Cause if I let my crazy critic mind step in I'll muck it up...But I'll know more details soon and it may never take off if it's not approved by the higher ups in the company..but this is how it starts..Maria Moran, Business Director of Marketing, has this idea and would like to see if we can carry it out.. So with all that rambling I'm to test some product....Glassine papers,  I'm to make a collage on a sheet of glass which you see on the photo with the blue tape holding in place and the papers torn,  of course gray and yellow...I have to only use a very small amount of Elmers glue to hold it in you know how hard it is to do that...yikes...this gal is in for a challenge..I've got to use the tweezers to hold the papers they already are moving around...working the old school way of collage now.. but I would like to give it a try today.. and then I'll send it to Gloria in Michigan and she fires it with another sheet of glass on top in her kiln.. should be interesting to see what it looks like.  Doors open all the time, I'll take the first motion and step through. And at that point I let go of the need to know and fly by the seat of my far I've ended up with them still on and no skid marks from falling down... off to eat some breakfast and walk the dogs...good start on the morning..


  1. That is a fantastic opportunity. I think it's right on time and don't look back.

  2. Wow Laura, very exciting times. Just think of the fun! Scary too but hey you are used to working through a little fear :). Everything new has some element of fear doesn't it?

  3. Oh my goodness! How interesting! If anyone can do it - you can!

  4. thanks for the encouragement..I seem to have these kind of moments in my life when I'm in the unknown...and really have to face the fears of that unknown but always come through...adds a little havoc on the body when I get all full of aniexty but I'm working on that.


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