Saturday, October 09, 2010

Parents are visiting this morning

My dad and step mom are in town to give my step sister a was her anniversary last weekend and they planned to go out this weekend and so my parents are in to watch 4 boys...well really 3 cause the oldest nephew is in High school.  Every one in the house over there sleeps in late and my parents are early risers so the will be here around 8:00 am...Randy has to work so he won't get to visit, he's not to happy about working on Saturday but it's work and good to have.. I'm looking forward to the visit. 

I've been working at everyday now being in the studio and the last three days have me finished with the base of the collages and now to added any embellishment to that.. Frames came in and I'll be able to frame them up hopefully next week and drop some off at a few other place to the holiday time..Then it is back to the one piece that's been hanging out and looking and staring at me... I'm not sure if I want to cut out the second hole and maybe that's way I've been procrastinating on it..cuz if I cut the hole then I'm committed to it or if it doesn't work then I'm left with a cradle board with two holes..Oh now I'm sure I would be able work some thing into the open spaces. 

So off to Teddy up abit and visit..

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