Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh how life changes...

I had to get on the stick this morning as of get the behind out the door and out to see with the new Man in the house...Hank the tank I am his person with the experience of anxiety from our last guy I want to be able to leave and come back with out major problem...I know with a puppy you be asking...?? Normally people purchase a puppy at the age of 8 weeks but our guy is 13 or 14 weeks and he's been with his litter mates that long so as of any kind of training it's come from the mother and the breeder which I"m so thankful for that she's gotten him to the paper already as of we take him out our selves but just lay paper down by the door and he goes right to it if we don't make it out side...he will take some time learning his name but not too long I hope...Well need to run but thought I make a quick post...time is bit different now and need to cut some areas a bit till the schedule settles some..


  1. Hee hee, I'm still guarding our pup with an eagle eye. As soon as I see her making circles we run outside. Oh do enjoy happy for you.

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Great name! And fun time for you all.

  3. thanks Elena, adn Julielea we are...the goofness is still to come.. along with the chewing stage...

  4. People disservice puppies as they are more appropriately trained by the mother than a human can possibly do. Many reputable breeders would not consider adopting one out before twelve weeks. The 8 week pups lose out when they are taken away from their best life teacher. Some silly witnesses think the mother is abusing them when she is teaching them not to bite and jump and mind their manners.


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