Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh the flip flop is mighty tasty~

Up so early this morning, 3:40 to go out..but no accidents all night, I will do with out a little sleep while in training...Sacrifices.. you make for a faith soul..  We had a big day yesterday..the young adults are voicing their thoughts about raising this puppy and want him to socialize well...so had many people and a few more four legged fellows to met... Teaching Hank about stairs is interesting...a couple of tasty tidbits on a few steps let him right up but going down is not that good..so we carry him down for now so that the experience isn't scary for him...he needs to go down a step or two to go out so don't want any fears jumping in the way of that... Having  patience is the name of the game and allowing time to be a teacher too. I think as an human being we want them to get it our dogs that is and Oh they do get but the right stuff takes time and I'm seeing out my own children are concerned about how they would like the dog to be...They are realizing that they take a big part in that as of the way to guide and teach them is by positive praise and good distractions.  the breed let us know that the Great Danes have a very sensitive nature and get hurt feelings and we've seen that happen a little bit so it's kind of cool how we are learning by Hank what is really a natural way to be anyways.
I don't have any more picture to show but the one I'm working on with my journal page. (I would like to add a few drawings of some chimps in there..) My National Geographic was the inspiration for this one..
I was able to got up to the studio to lay down the papers for the Faceless people piece and it felt so good I hope to work on it a little bit more today too.  So many wonderful directions to be pulled in...I may sound crazy but I'm happiest in the wonders of good family-ness... My neighbor calls me Mother Earth...which by far I'm not..but to hear that makes my heart warm that he looks at me that way.. Oh here comes the galloping goon (Hank)  now... need to take him out...


  1. I'm catching on to our little ones needs too. But I love hearing your stories and love that journal page!

  2. Oh, puppy days. Been so long since I had any that little. Sending puppy kisses via email! Oh, I like the chimp background too!

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    So good to be sharing your new-puppy times... Have fun!


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