Saturday, October 02, 2010

Naperville Art League Oct 2010 Two Day Collage Workshop

 We had the whole room to ourselves...I was concerned about this as a teacher with the smaller amount and I'm seeing my concerns were nonscense now as it works so much better with less but I won't turn anyone away if we have the room.. As you can see we each had a table and for what we do in the workshop it's a must have..
 Re had specially connection with this workshop as she really didn't want to to be cancelled at all because of low enrollment...and her good thoughts worked..
 Had to show off the stained tissue papers on the floor just filling the area with wonderful color.. by this time of day the workshop was feeling like work...the play was starting to leave us all as we had been creating all day and we were getting tired..but you don't get good result if you don't put your best forward do these gals gave it their best..
 Mary Gayle deciding what tool to use on what paper to get which effect was that I just shared...Like I say I present many different ways to repurpose found papers.. and I can't wait to see them this morning when I come in there... Everyone should have new energy after a good nights sleep..I know I do..

 Re  is working on her papers with the Gesso and coating the backs of the papers so we can bring the color in later. Glen was in helping out the gallery yesterday because Debbie the Gallery director had to be away.. Great help he was..Thanks Glen..Oh also forgot to let you know I really like your photo at the gallery with the wonderful perspective of the field of corn..Great job with it! 
Barbara brought in a bit more stamping of the polymer for later she will see the results, which it creates a an area where the acrylics won't soak in and you see what you stamped in..

On with Day Two now and we will be coating papers for the beginning of the workshop then working up to the point of personal collaging.. I have a few exercise to share with the Ladies to warm them up..

Whelp this "Teach"  best get a move on or she'll be late..


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    It looks such fun and so well organised. Hope we're lucky enough to see what everyone creates!

  2. Everyone so busy... good to see!


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