Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Meeting each task with force

I think because I'm such a human doer and the last month of having to set aside  so many things it has made me strive to accomplish all that needs my attention now! ...though I could tell that people notice my excitment when I went to the aldi's food market and the cashiers said "your excited" ..Now how the heck could she tell?  Can one see that in me...Oh I bet it was the new gray hairs standing on end after a good windy walk in the woods that gave me away... To funny...I usually get.. "Can we help you or do you need some help?"  I've got that spaced-out look sometimes when I'm in my head zone of racing around...

So I looked at the day,  I packed it all in and still have more to do today but it all feels so good, as of taking care of my personal and homestead needs...

I did fit in time up stairs in the studio, which give me 5 day's of a new habit, not counting the weekend at the workshop I presented.  I primed up some 6 x12 watercolor papers and taped them up so there ready for today and I made up some coffee ground papers and pulled out some sheet music and stained them and coated on side... then I went into the card making mode.  I always spend many minutes on felt good to make this year for my neices.. One 23 and one 13 growing so fast. 

Well with a few road trips on the agenda this month, I was able to stop in and get my oil changed and this morning before I posted I was the first one in to get my tire rotated on the Van..She still got some issue in other places but she's ready for the road.. (my van that is) 

The material I order for redoing my display panels came in a few days ago but I was able to swing around and pick it up..24 yards at half price with my coupon!! yes good deal for what I needed.. Then after that I was able to stop at the Home Depot and purchase a scroll saw and jig saw I've been eye balling...did the Thursday night things with the husband and scouted out some other models at the Woodcrafter store so I think I did well. 

When I left in the morning I took my little four legged companion with me the weather was cooler so with all the stops I had to make I planned on doing a walk too and it worked out perfectly..Carl and I do our 4 miles and then sat and refreshed ourselves with water and some lunch...we were both tucker out by the evening..I keep forgetting his 9 years old and this morning because of the chipmunk and squirrel chasing he did in the woods his a bit sore...we will do more to get him in to condition that's for sure. 

Well much more to do today... and feeling good about it all~
up to the studio for a bit..


  1. Ooh, some new toys! No wonder you're all excited!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with jig saw and scroll saw!!! I have my dad's band saw and only use it once in awhile but I LOVE it!! There's just something about working with wood....but I spose you can cut other materials with what you've got also!! So, can't wait!!!


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