Monday, October 25, 2010

Door County and home..sweet...home

 The night before we had wanted to see if we could walk over to the light house but the wall/path didn't go that far so on Sunday head back down from Door County we stopped and got as close as we could to the light house in Algoma..."The Port in the Storm"
 Here's Doris walking the beach that was so full of totally amazes me that each beach is made of different elements...I keep asking why?  as of one side of the lake brings in something different then the others...will have to look in to this later when I'm looking for something to do and I'm board...(hmm when is that?)
 After we stopped at the Michael Kohler Museum we had lunch at the Mucky Duck Shanty...used that GPS and hit food and this one of the place we picked...we liked the name..and it was small, perfect and great food.
 I didn't catch the name if this but I saw it on April's blog and I had to stop  and take some was busy the last time I was up here June that too hard to park and get out..but for us no one insight...Boat house is in Ephraim.
 When walking on Saturday at the Point of the Door County, past Gill's Rock we saw some great color and got a good healing fix on the water edge.  Could pass up the steps..
The colors up this path was amazing,  the ground to lime green, yellow, orange to rust and some reds... breath taking.

 Some one else as left there mark here on the shore line with the rock stackings.. I was like glue to loved the image of the waves and the rocks..
And Purina Chow, many buildings in Algoma that I noticed had mural painted on the side of's so cool to see that and the support of the arts..Not sure if this was a mural but had to put in park and snap a picture. 

So speaking for myself I had a great time..with my cousin Doris..we travel well together, though I'm sure she had a enough of me and my goofy ways but there's a chance in April to go back up there and check things out is offered. 

Oh to be get away and leave it behind and forget about the dailiness only to come back to it's welcoming arms..are we crazy?  no just human being exploring our world..
Happy to be home with family and all my four legged, winged and fin ones.


  1. Great weekend and great collection of shots! Those stairs? Was that when you sneaked up into that private property? Maybe a stairway to heaven.

  2. Love the Fallness in the Photos. Those rock sculptures are fascinating against the wavy water.
    I've never been to Door County so appreciate you sharing glimpses with words and pictures. Rain and fog make for great photos!
    Fun, fun!

  3. Love your pix and your story! Love all those rocks and shells! Now you will have to share those places with me! April should be a good time to go too.


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