Friday, October 08, 2010

Are the fragments fixed?

Feeling a bit fragmented the last couple of days but nothing I can't handle and if anything I do know where to go to feel whole again.. The woods...walking and moving forward.  I had tea at Starbucks in the morning with younger gal and is was good to listen and share for a while and pass on some little bits of experience then I came home feel a bit lost I had a list of adventurous things to do..Kind of like a little run away.. I ended up coming and asking my Oldest daughter if she wanted to got to the Library to see Eve Ozer's works hanging and then walk throw the Gilbert and Maple Grove area in Downers Grove...I had asked my other daughter if she wanted to come but she had plans already with her girl friend...

The walk through the library exhibit was great, I haven't done that in along time and just observed someone else work.  I love how she carries over the use of the stained tissue papers and the textural surface she creates.  The use of colors in her compositions are the act of extreme care and quietness, with a very cunning and acute in placement.  Subject matter is minimal and precise.  A very strong presences of mystery is also concede in her work which leave me the viewer asking what is next.  I'm excited to see more and I'm sure I will. So if you get a chance to view her work at the Downers Grove Library please do. My oldest, Stevie and I went on to chat and to walk in the woods..

I must have needed this time with her...25 years old now and we walked and she slowly seem to calm down to a very peaceful see she was all upset about her work and feeling overwhelmed about life in general and I know who the woods magic works on me so I offered her a wandering in the woods too. and there was a point when we both stopped, I closing my eyes, standing still listening to the power of the winds and the sounds of the birds and leaves hitting the giving surface as they fell.  I was expecting to hear her walk up but then the wind died down and I opened my eyes to see she too had stop to listen...Can I say there was a shared moment of great respect to something bigger then the both of was a magical moment that was best left silent...and looked upon as yes we both experienced it.. All was good at that point after we continued to walk I ask her how she was feeling and she better..I just remarked that I bring my trouble heart to the woods and I always come out on there other side filled beyond my belief...I did ask her if she believes in a higher or bigger being in her life and she said no...not really then I asked if she every did what might it be?? and she said she doesn't know...I left it at that... I do believe it's truly a personal right to pick a path that you find for guidance if you I planted a seed of mystery and will give the gift of letting go on it and see what wildness and wonders come up..

We came home and I went up to the studio after I did the dishes that were so kindly waiting for me..their so dear...and glued my next little box to the faceless series I've been working on and put the movie on The Red Shoes...very old I think they said from 1949 or something and half assed watched it and worked on a good 5 more abstract new order of frames came in and I would like to get them out of the way so more work can get done for a few holiday shows..not that I do holiday kind of work but smaller in sized and price for area exhibits having holiday shows... can't believe the year has come to now.. so fast, do have to say it's had some roughness but all good.

time to get this body dressed and up to the studio for some more new schedule habits and then tend to the four legged creatures as they both go in today for check ups and shots...

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