Thursday, September 02, 2010

A slap of reality... crow's feet

My ten entries into my MYM Journal Project..I will have to now contact my Art friend in Georgia and get her to put some in and the kids in her class..I would like to let her have it for about a month then receive it back and send it across the big waters to some dear friends there.. I found the crows feet in the Sunday magazine, in the Sunday paper... it was an add for getting rid of your killer crow's feet on your face...I snatched that image and tore it out with the quickest pull ever... though it would be a good image to have around.. hard to get a good sample of the crow's feet even if you have a good camera. 

Hanging by a thread...drama of putting the artwork out in the tents...when ?  You see the plan is to bring it/art out and as much as I can.  You may ask what the dilema is and that's having things get all wet, damaged and to not have to wake up at 3 in the morning to bring it all out...Where's that Two by Four someone smack me with it and snap me out of this... It's all to fun... I laugh at myself I've not been in the studio for a good week but to clean it..and I find that my tension and anxiety is calmed by spending time putting all my personal drama into the art and I've been fretting about the exhibit and not having to do it all the same morning of the opening on Friday... The reality of this is I just might have to...I did it last year and I really don't want to this I just needing to vent that's all.. I've been at the mercy of the weather all week...Now it's time to count some blessings...I have tents...three of them to be exact...more then the average person would need.. I have artwork to hang in those tents...more again then the average person again would need or want.. I live on a street that has only houses on one side..pretty cool and I have lost of wild life visiting our side of the street all the time.. I've received some press, though I've not read or seen it yet I had them come to the house and interview us girls and take a few pictures... I have signage already made from the past years so I'm ready to go there...(plus my red balloons) been pumping out the electronic publicity as of eblasts, emails..etc  And I've got some awesome large banners to show off the exhibit place...You won't miss us..that's for sure unless our blind... So back to the venting.. it's a process thats helping me get rid of the negative crap going on in my head...  I know there's abundance going on all around me and I'm very blessed to have it and see it... So there the gentle slap of reality.. if it storms today then I will use this day to just prepare for the early morning hauling out and I can futs and fret about where I'm going to display things.. A process of thinking it through..

and I should add that my family are saints as of thinking about what their all putting up with...ME oh loveable crazy me...

I'm thinking about Cher in Moonstuck was it?? She says  Snap out of it!! and she slaps the person.. I need her now...


  1. Great journal entry! Great crow's feet! Nice legs! I'm sure the rain is getting it over with today, Laura. All will be well.

  2. All is well April, Oh yes my entry into the journal...I just added the other crow image from a statue I have in the house.. Could have done more but I'm leaving it at that.. my cover has a crow image on it too..


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