Sunday, September 26, 2010

Road trip to the City today

I've been gone every weekend since the beginning of September, well not gone but working lets say.  Which is totally odd...I look at the studio which I've barely been about to go to but for a few moments.  Which I have to next week really have to slip in there and try to make sense of it and work on some things.. Well anyways I'm driving the group into the city today for the mono type workshop with Ingrid Albrecht.

I'm really have no idea what I'm doing...feeling a bit out of control which is OK but usually I've got it all set and timed so maybe this is good that I'm going with the flow.. It will be good, to explore a new medium. 

The Make Your Mark Journal project has been launched.. so many people came in and it was great to see them all. We ended with 89 journals out of 200 going out but an idea came to go to the Ill, Art Ed conference this November to see if we can bring it to the teachers there..which was a great idea that one of the teachers that came in to pick up her journal gave me.. so I got the ball rolling an contact Becky about that and will have to wait for the OK, as of it's to be a packed place and they may not have room for me.  but it doesn't hurt to ask. 

I have picture of the workshop yesterday but not had time to get the ball rolling on it so will have to post it another day.. Keep realizing that I don't stop unless I'm eating or sleeping and it's become more present to me as I'm getting older... I've always got to be doing something..I can just be...hmmm need to practice that..kind of like meditating for the first time just small moments..then work up to that... I always feel that I should be doing something..Must be from my childhood..Mom..what's did you do to me?? hahaha..

I do have to let go of a grudge...I was asked this weekend why I'm doing the this Make Your Mark Journal project?   Don't I know that it's going to suck up my time and it's a whole year long and your not getting anything out of it?    I think this person was trying to care about me but I know this already, I've thought about this for some time now even before I went forward with it to form a committee.  I made up my mind to commit to some service work and why not be in the arts where my passion is so yes I know what I'm in for long haul and I believe in it too.  I see that gap with the age that I'm at and the next generation of artist..the old folks scared them off or it's not the direction they all want to go in and of course its a different world out there with the technology...but we need to welcome the next ones with open arms... so why not with art Journals..

well must go pack up and make sure the vans got gas...Tally Ho and away we go..

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  1. I just had an idea here. Have some students actually sign contracts for donated journals. You're asking to see youth...


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