Friday, September 17, 2010

recap from road trip..set up of a tent and Somnambulist

Tired by the end of the day... the road trip was successful as of hit ever place and was able to pick up all the things I needed to... and slipped in lunch with my mother in law..which was a good.   I hope I didn't bore her with the places we went..but it's got to be a switch as a passenger in a car instead of being the driver all the time.. I've got frames coming in next Tuesday and some supplies.. and I was able to get the supplies for the workshop I'm going to take part in... the paper was a bit pricey but 10 sheets of one and 10 sheets of the other will do... lets say it will have to do..

I've got some homestead thing to tend to this morning then I get to set up the tent for Riverwalk around 1:00 today which is nice...means I'll be home for dinner time instead of heading out then to set up..

Also today is a show in the city I'm in but I will not be able to attend just to much to do that...but I wish them luck.. sound like it's going to be great..


  1. Best of all for both shows! Weekend is packed! Hope to make it.

  2. it was a delight to see you this weekend Doris I hope you enjoyed the view and walking around..


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