Monday, September 27, 2010

Recap from Monotype day long workshop

 Here we are scramble to find our sits and get started... Cynthia, Tania, Nancy, Sylvia, Marge, Margie, Eve, Doris and I..
 Studio space
 Here we all are listening to the beginning of the workshop where Ingrid shares with us some of the important rules,  you know the ins and outs.
 I don't think this the first one we learned called Additive process but it's close
 Subtract process, India inks used only on a very seasoned plate of plexi and white contact paper on the reverse side so it makes it easier to see what your doing..each time you clean your plate after you wipe off  as much with a paper towel then come in with a kitchen cleanser and rinse clean and you get this great smooth plate each time.
 the smoother the plate the better the free style process works. You spray lots of water first and then put the inks on the afternoon we added acrylics and water color to the process and really were delighted with what we did..
 Moving slow after lunch but we were moving to get ready for the second half.. We really had a grand time and enjoyed it greatly..
Ingrid's board of wisdom..

What a weekend, with the two days of Make Your Mark Launch Party and then moving into the Sunday with this workshop I'm amazed the family knows me at all. The husband agrees..but it's just a small moment in the big scheme of things right... Been very fortune that it's all working out..  Got a busy day today as of need to go back into the city to drop off artwork at J2Gallery and pick up my other stuff there.. I'm giving them 3 piece of the 13 moon series and some prints of them.. Then I need to get to the studio...the biggest challenge today is to fit in a couple of hours to make some work I'm on  tight schedule now that I've got a workshop this coming weekend...Oh I'm not complaining one bit but it is a challenge to juggle it all.. and this gal is on her way to give it her best shot..


  1. Good morning Laura,

    It was GREAT meeting you and working with all of you gals as your 'art coach' for the day! What an energetic inspiration you all were for me! It was a FUN day in spite of all of the studio "SNAFU"S"!!!!! Murphy was working overtime yesterday!

    Happy creating!

    Ingrid ;-)

  2. Great group of shots! It was a very inspirational day!

  3. What an adventure. Thanks for explaining the process a bit here. Bet there was lots of creative energy flowing in the air.
    Awesome studio and can't wait to see more of what you all created. Doris, what you created and posted on your blog is magnifico!
    Experimenting seems so fun and playful.

  4. Hey Laura,

    Your visual record keeping is wonderful. It was an inspirational day and I can't wait to experiment some more. I need to buy some more cleanser. Don't think I have cleaned and used so much elbow grease in ages! Nice way to stay awake. Eve

  5. Thanks All! Great times where had by all.


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