Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday morning and the woods are calling early for me

I the mind as great ideas but the body is not up to par...working with the bigger tent has put a toll on it.. but then setting up four tents the weekend before and taking down three and packing up I guess I'm asking for it.. so I plan on a walk in the woods today to re energizes me and then to the studio I've got to get prepare for a Demo at the Downers Grove Artists Guild meeting tonight in Lisle. 

The crowds of people for the whole weekend at the Burr Ridge Art on the Green were way many things competing for it as of Cog Hill and the Golfers, Bears game on Sunday and Darien Fest all weekend, plus the Downers Grove Fine Art Fair.. My son had thought he know where the Art on the greens was but when he came up to visit he couldn't find me...well that's not good if your own son can't find you..And the Husband said he heard on the radio about the art fair in Burr Ridge but the signage was poor... so not many people could tell where it was at..

I did well in sales the first day and the second I stood and sat all day and I even read my book which is a no no at a art fair but it shows you how many people were there.. I think I'll pass on this show next year even though the sales where good for the one day... nice people to work with and good accommodations but no crowds and we as artists need the crowds.. of art patrons.  And I don't mean to sound negative on this but if you investing time and a lump of money to do the art fair it's hard to come back to a place that people can't see it there's a art fair going on... well I'm going to quiet down and go for a walk...regroup and re balance the energies for tonight.

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