Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Monday and weekend has passed

"Back to work"
Sore? yes..Grateful? yes... what am I doing today the husband asks?   as little as possible?  No this gals got to get ready for the weekend coming. I've got the Burr Ridge Art on the Green and set up day is Friday Night. I received my booth number this morning on Zapp...#605, I think I might be close to the end but not sure..same side as last year which is fine with me as of the way the sun is and all.

The winds kicked up this morning around 3:30 here and the Rustling trees(cottonwoods) were making a wild sound.  Almost a bit scary then a couple of welches came in and saw the one tent still standing do a bit if a dance out there...Then it started to drizzles and I know the winds would pass and calm again...As of now they are..

The weekend was the best weekend this was working her magic with us and family, friends, neighbors and a few walkers came by all so delightful to see..Sold a few of my demo's which some weren't even matted..but they went to good homes..I need to make up a few more of them.. And find the time this week to mat up the others.. I was able to replace the mats that got damaged by the condensation that happened when the sun was beating down on them for a bit there on Saturday so there ready to go for this weekend.

The body seems to want to lay around but the mind is telling it no can't do that lady you've got things to do yet..Which I will get done, just so thankful I can do it at home.. all is good..

The Artists that were part of the 3rd Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit were troupers.  We really took care of each other. Each day we share lunch duty as of bringing something special to eat.. And it couldn't be more special to enjoy the weekend chatting between customers and just soaking up all that was around us.  when it came time to take things down and pack up we all pitched in.. Frank, Bev's husband gave us a hand with the heavier stuff..always good to have the extra muscle around..Thanks Frank..And I have to say conversation was great..And not one of my signs was taken so I've have them for next year which is great!!  saves on over head cost..

It was really so good to see so many people this weekend, all happy smiley faces.. Most of us have another day of rest..and I do mean most of us so enjoy the fruits of our labor...I'll be enjoying it too, moving slower but enjoying it all.

Just went an slipped in a quick walk in the woods to get my on balance with the tasks at hand...Carl's all tucker out and I'm ready to go now... what the woods does for me I don't ask I'm just thankful for..

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  1. Yep, the weather couldn't have cooperated more fully, I enjoy baking in the sun, but it was a lovely early fall weekend! I'm wiped out and didn't have all the responsibilities! Thanks!


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