Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting all packed up today

I believe I have three student for the workshop tomorrow but I will call and see if there are any more that have signed up.. Oh the fun of getting ready for a just gets the creative juice going and I'm a bit hard to be vamped up about it...I'm so looking forward to it.. I really like presenting at the Naperville Art League the entrance is easy to get into and comfortable to be in.. I'm working with the class director and see if I can claim a time in March or May 2011 for an advance workshop..

I sent an email to the The Flying Pig to see which ones they might like to have sent up there to them...October is another big month in Wisconsin. Especially in the Door County area.

I received an email also yesterday that I didn't make it into the 26th Annual National Collage Society On-line exhibit.. disappointed a bit but not locked in to that disappointment...I'm so thankful I always have something in the of feeling the disappointment and then moving on...

My fire pit out back still has a bit of burning embers this morning.. I had a chance to cut the lawn and clean up the branches that have been falling down around here the last couple of weeks... I realized I hadn't cut the lawn in four weeks...though we have had rain the grass wasn't that tall at all or I should say weeds bring I don't put any additive in my front or back yard.. It felt good to be out there tending to the yard and I was hoping to hear the Sand Hills flying over but it might be too soon for that. 

Well need to put the strap hangers and wire on the back of the finished abstract landscapes and then their titles and await a email from The Flying Pig...

A packing I will go and hopeful get a walk in after I set up the workshop at the league and come home to regroup and recharge the energy and be ready for tomorrow.

As of changing Schedules and working in the studio as a top priority Day 3 is complete and working on Day 4 know even if I don't work on anything just being in there for a set amount of time is what I'm shooting for, now today of course I'm going to go over a 2 hours slot but that's has to be for getting ready for the workshop.. 21 days for a new habit...working at it.


  1. Sounds like great things in the works. Wish I could have taken this class but 'woman's club obligations' have me tied up. But Octoberfest is Sat and then it's over!

  2. Sandhill crane time already? Seems like just yesterday...

  3. LOVE the new work you posted yesterday! Very inspiring. Hope they all sell out immediately! You were really smart to get the frames first and then create to fit. I love that tall, skinny format.

    I didn't get juried into the NCS show either, but I feel better now that I know you didn't! But you're right, no sense in being down about it. Juries are very subjective, as is the viewing public. Either they like it or they don't, and the next person who looks at it might have the exact opposite opinion. It's good that they had a large amount of entries - shows that a lot of artists are working in collage.

  4. Oh Rats...Jerri, sorry to hear that too. but on with what is next with the day and week...

    As for the Sand Hills yes soon it will be that time of year again..goes so fast, dont' it..

    Elena, it would have been a delight to have you in the workshop..have fun with the ladies.

  5. Hi Laura,loved seeing the workshop photos.I hope the advanced class in in May when we get home.I will keep my fingers crossed,thanks again,hugs,Mary Gayle


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