Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday and what Grand day it is ~

A few more of my 2 x 2 Mixed Media Mini's...I was playing with framing them yesteday but got myself side track on a movie..

I made it up to the studio for reframe a piece and great hopes to mat up a few more but I brought a movie up to watch and usually I able to keep working and listening to the movie but not this one...Temple Grandin..oh my gosh...a second Forest Gump movie...In our family every time the Matrix or Forest Gump comes on we seem to watch it, well not every time but pretty darn close...This movie Temple Grandin is about an Autistic woman still live in Colorado now but her life if your vegan you my not like to watch this because it has to do with the why she came up with a humane way to move the cattle in the slaughter houses in a calm and orderly fashion.  So with that and all the other life lesson in it about going through doors especially when your scared how she looked  at live and made sense of it..

I'm going to try to get a few more piece matted up but may run into some difficulty as I've also have to run to Naperville to pick up my art and some other homestead things all to come to a set up of my tent at 5:00 pm night, I'm grateful the weather will be Ok for the set up my have some rain in the morning on Saturday but an over all good weekend..

I moved forward on a hunch to email The Flying Pig to see how things are doing..and there great, no sales but I did offer to make up some smaller Abstract Landscapes to see I could exchange out..and the idea when over quite well and Susan is really excited and gave me some ideas for a different way to present I'll be working on that the next couple of weeks too along with trying to figure up how to mail a piece for a show out east...almost forgot about that..

My lawn needs cutting and I'm feeling a bit down about that it will have to wait. 


  1. Love your art, whether minis or maxis. Especially your more recent work, seems more intriguing and I really want to know the story involved in each piece.They also seem to have more freedom to them.
    The first piece has a calming effect, maybe its the soft blues.The white swirls and dots are fascinating. Seems like there's a white bear in the middle amongst the writing.
    That second piece feels ancient to me and the bear claws are fascinating. Hm, I'm seeing bears here today! Maybe it's because I want to hibernate....
    Keep on opening those doors!

  2. Love those little pieces! So much going on in such a little space.

    I've been wanting to see that Temple Grandin film. Don't have HBO so may have to wait. Does Netflix have it yet? Temple is well known in the elementary ed and special needs communities since she is a person functioning with autism. Quite an interesting woman!

  3. Thanks bears in these piece but the bedding down must be calling you.. not so early though enjoy the colors of fall coming..

    and Jerri, it's at block busters now..the movie that is..

  4. I thought of bear claws myself. The humane strides the woman has made in slaughterhouses is great, and viewing any of it might make for more vegans out there! Compassion is calling!


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