Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day 3 of the Outdoor Studio Exhibit

 colored pencil sketch of Bev by Doris Lein
 Watercolor of Doris by Beverly Bronson
Color Pencil Sketch of Laura by Doris Lein

The end of one event only to get ready this week for the next art fair the following weekend. Today is the third and last day of the 3rd annual Outdoor studio exhibit and I've got the bug as to say it would be really grand to see the other artist in Darien set up their own exhibit on their own property and we come together to share this Artists Tours of Darien, you know instead of a House Tour...I don't know if this is a good thing or not but it's how it that maple seed that whirls around and lands in that right spot and start to grow some roots and before you know it we have a tree growing next to the other bush and it's looking pretty lovely..If they had a garage they could do it in there and be protected from the elements or if they felt comfortable having people come in to their homes..well whatever they decide I can't help but think about this..and that's how my outdoor studio exhibit problem would be if it rained...Oh I would still be able to put art in the tents but to have people come on a rainy day isn't as well as a weekend like we are having this weekend...what a blessing I can't say enough about how it makes me feel to hang out with my artist friends this whole weekend.. it's been great.. sales are being made which is good too. My cousin Doris is getting in some good practice time sketching us artists I was done yesterday while doing the demo..that was sure a challenge for Doris as I was moving the whole time. And Friday Bev was sketched.. so it's good to see her doing that...And Bev was able to do watercolor of Doris on Friday too, while I was doing my demo they were demoing their skills as artists.  I've really enjoyed the company over at the house and this has helped me greatly get over a bit of anxiety about having people over at the see we are still under construction and won't say how long we've been like this and I have know idea when we will finish but there truly is a side of me that is a bit uncomfortable about that all but...I've just opened the door and let people in and talk about facing a bit of a fear of mine head on I did it and came out alive and freer for that... Goofy as it's sounds..feeling judged for you living environment is a big deal for me but our family of 6 had no problem we did what we needed to..Funny how things effect us human beings or is it just me? ... well I'm grateful for this whole weekend and all the people that have come to the event..Long lost friends showed up and it just couldn't be better..I know I'm going to try to keep up the visits with them and make the time to see them this next year. Life is just too dang short not to.  Well it's Sunday Morning and I do like to camp out behind my computer and easy into the Sunday morning but not this Sunday.. I've got to check my balloons and roll up the sides for the show must go on!!!

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  1. It was a great demo and I was very pleased to have my son and Meg so inspired...I see new works in the light of their eyes! Now I need to bust a move and make it over!


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