Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 2 of Riverwalk in Naperville calling for Rain~

I have a wonderful spot across from the river on the east side of the riverwalk.. and the way the booth set up was I encompassed the park bench as part of my booth setting...I heard from Laura R. with the NAL that it was so inviting..which is very nice to hear.  I chatted with Susan Wilson about fretting and trying to figure out if you've covered everything you need to get yourself there to the art fair and what you need while your there and if it rains big time... And I'm happy to report I'm not the only one that does the fretting maybe a little more obsessive but not the only one.. Can't help it..just want to be a good girl scout and be prepared for as much as I can.. And happy to say I was.... but No Sales and I have to accept that too in every artists life of doing an art fair we all have stories to share of our worst, best and of no sales.. but I'm not giving up hope as of there it today and I will look to the brightest side..and bring some things to work on as of some paperwork stuff as it's to call for a rain most of the day a good 50% chance... I think I'll pull my big faceless people series out though as they are on the outside wall and covered mostly when it rains so no one sees them..and I would feel better then that way as they won't get damage.  Many people were out though and saw a lot of happy artist friends too.
well time to do the lunch packing and shuffling of some boxes and get the body bustin a move..


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Good luck Laura, hope you have a good day at the art fair and that plenty of people show interest in your beautiful work.

  2. thanks Julielea...


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