Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dare I say a list is started for Tuesday..and road trip to the City..4Artsinc gallery

Back to a bit of normal for me but only to come back with a weekend event at Burr Ridge...I do like the way it is set up and it's close to home, as a money maker I'll have to see this year, I always look over the art fairs I did through the year to evaluate what would be good for the next. Though art patrons like to see Artists that are from different states come in it's a bit harder to do that these days.  Well all the tents are put away but one of the legs on my oldest ez-up needs some tender loving care...lost the steel push button up in the pole somewhere but I was too tired to go and fix it... I've decided to test myself.. and bring the heavy duty tent to Burr Ridge which seems like a good deal as we are to get rain both Friday and Saturday and that tent is the trouper for the weather.. so it will be a challenge to put her up..which is funny I've already been journal writing this morning about the steps I'll be taking to do just that by myself.. which I can ask for the Husbands help if he's off of work but I want to see if I can do it under an hour..and if its raining it only helps push the issue of getting it up.. Pluses and minus with the tent but I'll work them out as it goes along. 

I have to look over some paper work this morning as I've got myself a road trip into the city to drop off three piece of work... One Art Diary piece and two biggies for the Somnambulist exhibit at 4Arts Inc.  Eve's got a few to drop off to so we will travel in together..Then I need to get my butt home and do some more writing for the proposals I'm going to give a try to Ragdale..got some help on writing it and now it's time for my fancy foot work..hahahaha.. I know I'm not a dancer but going to give it a good try.. The proposal is for next spring and a two week stay there to work on just art... so with that I've got to get going...many things on the list that had to be put on the sidelines this weekend and now are gleaming in my face to tend to..


  1. All the good stuff in-between!

  2. So nice you share your process of being in art fairs, etc. It gives us more of a clue as to what it's all about from behind the scenes. Frank and I enjoyed ourselves greatly and were so thankful for the invite.
    Good luck with the upcoming art fairs, perhaps we'll try to stop by if we can.
    Oh and it was so nice to see so much of your artwork all in one place. I'm really liking where your creativity is going lately!


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