Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Cool morning brings many to the bird feeder

I watch the commotion at the back bird feeder.. the morning doves, chipmunks and sparrows all gathering.. it's a good day and barely started but it's a good day.. I was able to travel into the City and drop off my work at the 4Art inc gallery..I'll put a blurt out about that shortly.. right now I need to prepare for the evenings meeting about the MYM journal project...we will be having our last meeting before the Launch Party and I have to admit I'm at a blank pages... I know it will all come together with the help of others but with the planning I'm drawing a blank.. need to recharge the creative wells but hardly time to do that. so I'm really enjoying the trickles of joy in the back yard.  The yard does need to be cut but may have to wait till Thursday or Friday or till next week.. Well it looks like some nest building is going to happen..the one morning dove brought some sticks to the other and drop them down..hmmm what's that all about.  The house is quiet and the husband left for work it's peaceful. Feeling very blessed and it a good place..


  1. Your feeders sound wonderful with all the activity. I still am not seeing much around here, but now maybe with the cooler weather again. I have been putting stale cubed bread out in the ground feeder though and that disappears. Probably the squirrel. And don't tell me - those doves are at it again!

  2. Love those early morning glories!


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