Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Body is calling for recoup time...

Oh the stomach has been acting up and it's got me a bit miffed... ever since Saturday at the Burr Ridge Show I had a low abdomen thing going on I thought at first it was a pulled muscle but it's not gone a way so fast...My walks have been cut back a bit...Doctor Laura says she's been burning the candle at both ends lately and it's taking a toll on the body.. so one more show this weekend and then things should calm a bit at lest on the hauling of things/art around. I even passed with the my Art Tribe last night.. I felt bad but got to take care of myself.. right? 

I will be heading out to pick up prints today and I'm planning on stopping into the Graphic Chemicals Ink and pickin up some papers for a workshop with Ingrid Albrecht

I worked on a few abstracts landscapes yesterday just had to veg the night way...

welp, off to do the homesteadness and slowly move into the day..


  1. Yep, take it slow. Staying home was in the air last night.

  2. Take care my friend.


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