Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd day at Burr Ridge Art on the Green

I just wanted to touch base there before I headed out...bit of a rainy morning but made it through and with the big old paper making tent..I call it that because it's what I use it for but I didn't make paper this years I took it down and put it up for the outdoor studio exhibit and then took it down and thought I can do this by myself at art fairs and so I did...(feeling a bit of a warrior woman thing)  met the challenge... the walking traffic was a bit slow but when the sun came out and the winds where to nasty sales started to happen.   Amazing when you lest expect it...I post a photo of the Deer Moon, which has transfer images of the bucks I encountered in the woods... Well it's original....I remember Bev asking about selling the real things and how I felt..well I worked on this series all year long and it's was a big accomplishment on my part...I was shocked that someone wanted to buy it and then they bought two other prints also to go along side of it..they are going to put them in a home that isn't built yet..they shared a whole lot with me and I found out Deer Moon is going to Castle Rock Wis..  and I couldn't be happier.. So this gal is going to be looking for that scroll saw...need to drag the husband with me to House of Tools to see what they have and get a visual educations about them before I purchase one.. when you lest expect still in shock a bit..well time to pack the lunch, fill the water bucket and head out to spread the good sales on to other artists so we can come back to this great setup of an art fair..


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Grats on the sell! It's a great piece I am sure they will treasure it.

  2. Congratulations! That's one luck couple... :)

  3. Way to go, Laura! Sounds like its going to a really neat place. For some reason, I can picture it in a log cabin, it has that kind of feel to it.
    So glad I got to see it at the art fair hanging with the rest of the series. They looked so cool hanging in a row on the walls.
    And then there were 12!
    Will you do another one to replace it?

  4. thanks Ladies,

    as for replacing the one..hmmm I feel that I can't go back to that as of it spoke to me and gathered the lessons while working with it and not the brain and hands are on to new things... so feel making one to replace that one is trying to capture a something that already happened and reliving it again...It's done...

  5. Congrats! Well done! They all should sell!


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