Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday's image

What happens to one, happens to all, Connections
36 x 36 Collage Clayboard with 2'' Cradleboard sides..

I finished this up yesterday, still need to put final coats on but then pulled out a 16 x 16 clayboard with cradle board sides and was going to go right into it but it was 7:00pm by then and the family was wondering what was going on as of dinner time had just blown by..we were all home and all busy doing what ever in our sections of the house. I was up stairs finishing off my piece and watching the Goya Ghost movie too. So wasn't coming down till that was over...But this piece was going to be called Buried in Debit but it changed some what as it went along, as of my attitude about it.. I can't help be feel for all of us in this time of economic need..we are all effected by our actions we have put out there, can't we all see this.?  well to go with the faceless people series this is number 4 and like I said before I have another one penciled out as of the area to cut the hole.. Don't know how many will be in this series but I feel another one coming.. I have enough papers ready to go right in it..


  1. I like it! I like the new direction of the series!


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