Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Staying in the heart parts of life

A while back I read a book recommended by a friend, The Last Lecture.  And yesterday I was invited by my two younger daughters to see, Eat Pray Love.  Something clicked in me about a way of life.  In the book about Randy's last year of life he makes note to advice us that we waste to much time being in our own heads.. instead of being in our hearts.. and in the movie Eat Pray Love, there is a medicine man that Liz sees many times though out the movie and her live that tries hard to guide her to do just that..Live your life through your heart... Messages we all need to hear and re hear... Why do us humans do that spend more time in the head then in our hearts?  Why do we think being such a smart ass is more important? And when we do thinking mostly from the head how quickly things get all screwed up and dramatized... I heard once hanging out in your own head is like hanging out in the wrong neighborhood.. Makes perfect sense to me..

Then with this whole idea it has me thinking when do we cross over when do we really see that leading from our hearts works best?  I see this in the elders... they seem to let go of being right and just go about their days tending to what they need to...

I look forward to the time when I can do that more often.

I'm working with a group of people now and somethings have gotten a bit side tracked and really it's OK..I don't pictorially like it but I can live with it.. Actually it might be good to see how it all works out. But the main principle of the whole things was to have more heart in it then the head...And I went back into all and reminded them of my intention of the project from the start...What is wild is how more people want to get the head going and make the $$ and sometimes life isn't always about that...its more about the act from the heart..

Well rambling on about much of nothing but yet something...

I spent most of the day on the computer working on my two eblast to send out and found out even with a spell check there are still errors...Oh well people...what's a girl to do..I'm not perfect and I'll never be... And Honestly I'm glad I'm not perfect.  Now to get to the studio and sometime today I need to clean the big out side filter of my fish tank...trying to keep the water as clean as possible so that what life the fish have is the best that I can give them... makes me happy to do that..

On with the day and leading with the heart..


  1. I read EAT PRAY LOVE at one of the lowest moments of my life and that book helped me in small but significant ways. The Medicine Man's advice is, I believe, spot on and I've been trying to live from my heart ever since. Balance is key and we must remember to pay the good forward. I think life is all about the journey and in the end, that's what counts. Now I'm rambling! ;)

  2. What a wonderful message! I used to live in my heart but it got broken.

  3. Good thoughts, Laura. You are ahead of your time and don't worry - you know where your heart is. I have had that book for so long and have not read it yet. I must. And Doris, you certainly do live in your heart - your wonderful sense of humor, your artwork and your animals are testimony.


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