Thursday, August 26, 2010

scared to super gitty to walking in peace..balancing it all

After doing some homestead things and also computer time I received an email that the press release I sent out was received and that they would like to come to my home..and see my studio and do an interview about the Outdoor Studio Exhibit I'll be presenting to the public Labor Day weekend.  I was supper gitty about this all and ended up rambling around the house about what needs to be done...My oldest was eating breakfast and asked me who I was talking to.. I've been joking about my employees and the boss lately as of I'm the only when no one is around yes I do do some ramblings.. So back to the interview...I have the Doings Newspaper coming over on Friday around 11:00 with a the studio needs to get a  good cleaning and I need to show myself working on something...much to do today and also fit in a good walk in the woods to balance it all out.. oh I heard the best news cousin was able to buy herself a white artist tent..for a good price...So darn happy for her.. and I watched another good movie..called Great has Ethan Hawk and Gyenth P. in it...a bit of some twists and turns but over all good..


  1. So you are starting to crack huh? Love it!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Very cool about being interviewed this Friday! Maybe I'll be able to swing over to your art fair next weekend! Sounds all good and great about Doris getting an art tent! All the signs seem right for a perfect arty weekend!

  3. Super exciting news about the interview... You go girl! Congrats!

  4. Whoo Hoo! How cool is that! Now to get my hands on a copy of the paper so I could see your cool studio. And such good news about Doris' tent.


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