Monday, August 23, 2010

Road trip yesterday

I had to pick up work from Water Street Gallery in Batavia and also purchase these plastic letter from the Artemisa gallery place in Geneva and I wanted to also see how my collage works were place in the gallery there.."got to keep track of things you know".. so with that on the agenda I also made some quick choices about visiting my Cousin Doris and picking up the display panels she has. (for use of the Outdoor Studio Exhibit in Sept, 3,4,5..)  Being I'm heading out that way and thought maybe she would like to come for the ride..Well when I got there it was such a delight to see how everything is so full, the trees, the growth of her plants and the love of her dogs towards me...Lucky dog and Ojo usually are a bit hesitant to greet but not yesterday they were as happy as pups...That made me feel good. Well she took me up on the offer to visit these places but we were on a tight schedule as she volunteered to be a booth sitter for the Oswego Fine Art Fair and I think it was the Kendall Art League or guild they have in Yorkville.  I wasn't sure, didn't preoccupied with the road trip I let that slip by... But we did  visited all places and got her there just a little after 2:00.  Then I headed home...Unloaded had some lunch and then my Mom called from Arkansas..We had a very nice long talk...she's doing well and even bought herself a pair of rink roller skates.. My mom always was an inspiration to me, her spirit is likea kid at heart and it was really good to hear she had treated herself to this gift...though she will be practicing in the basement for a while till she gets her rink legs back she's a happy camper now thought..

Sat and chatted with my oldest after she got off of work while I was making dinner..good to hear what shes up to...even though the kids are still living all at home(25, 22, 19,19)  it's like we don't see each other that much..always heading out the door or their coming in later after work, school or with friends and I'm in bed by then..

I've got a bit of a list going but feel that I've been off schedule with some things and would like to get back on a few of them so I'll be working at that...Like my walking in the woods etc.  I've got to pick up a piece of work today in Naperville at North Central College the Spontaneous show is completed.. boy that went by fast..

Conquer is the last theme of the year for the Art Diaries that is exhibited at 4Artinc gallery so I'm working on something that I really need to get done.. I've also found the book Creative Habit by Twala Tharp very interesting... really would like to throw myself into that but not a lot of time today...

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  1. It was all good trip although my brain did not attend, my spirit was thriving.


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