Sunday, August 01, 2010

Road trip back to Geneva-Artemisia gallery space

Paperworks 1 #1, I have a whole series of these long narrow piece..I will bring them out today when I visit the gallery in Geneva...Artemisia I figure I might be a nice fit...but I'm not the gallery owner so I'll see what happens.
I was approached by the gallery owner at the Geneva Art Fair to see if I would like to have my collage nudes at your space... I was delight to hear this as my nudes are tasteful done it's just hard to exhibit them in some areas so when I heard that she would like to have them I was honestly jumping in my new boots... I'm going ride out there and check out the place first and hear what she has to offer and find out the commission etc.. then go from there.. So I re framed them or lets say I cleaned up the mats extra...there was some specks in there that stuck out like a sore thumb and that's not a good thing to show or a good representation of your work quality.. So being that done...I now have the assemblage of resume, artist statement, bio and price list to work on this morning.. Always working on something and grateful for that..

I would like to slip in cutting the lawn sometime today too...not much to ask for is it.. I need to do some back yard weeding and tomorrow is trash day and that means they will pick up the yard waste too. I should have a compost but I tryed that and it got so big I couldn't turn it by myself..and no one was around to passed on I pay to have it taken away to be compost some where else...strange I know..but it's what works for me.. Oh well enough of the babble...on with the day..and a good day at that.


  1. I think those long narrow shapes are so interesting to look at (in watercolor too) and your nudes are so tasteful. Just wonderful!

  2. Wonderful new gallery opportunity. Good to hear!


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