Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rethinking things...high lighting the calm spots

 I'm reevaluating and looking already at the set of goals or directions I would like to head into.. yes I know it's not a new year yet.  But recently I had a plan I set in motion for next year around mid June and I backed out and cancelled. I was going to head up to Lac du Flambeau and teach a workshop at the Dillman's Creative resort place, I would be turning 50 that coming week I had schedule with them...They sent me the information and I didn't freeze up I just didn't want to do that... (that was freeing) So with letting them know I changed directions at a good point and it got me thinking about a few things.. My art tribe support group and networking suggested I might try Ragdale and submit a proposal for a residency there. I took a look and saw that it has me facing one of my greater weakness and that is to write a proposal out...Well I started and I do have fellow art tribe sisters that are really wanting me to do this...I'm cautious about it but I'm doing the writing parts...right now I'm waiting for the return of a really rough draft from one of them..But this got me thinking about some areas that I've not looked and thought about..

 You see all my life I've had my art and I mean by art, creative play, sandbox, crayons and coloring books, play doe, ceramics, printing, drawing, hand papermaking,book arts and now collage.  Some form or another I've always had that with me.. integrated through out and as children came into the picture it was still there though at smaller amounts of time but there..

My work ethics had to change with the flow of the family growing. And I look at my work and see how all of that effected it...I remember watching in the video "Who does she think she is" and the one mother creates this wonderful graphic sculptures and she shares how all the many parts of her go into this...referring to the moments when she may be thinking inside herself about one thing and being the other on the outside but getting rid of all the stuff in the creative process of her work as of it all comes out in the work and whats left is the calm center for herself..

I'm not quite sure that's what she was saying but for me that's what I do with my art... I'm left with a calm center.  So with all this jabbering on this morning I'm looking now at how my life is and I see that I really have more calm going on all around me.. As of less distractions and my time to create can be longer then it ever was with raising the family years before.. I would like to set out to explore the process of a different kind of work ethics in the studio and to create some pieces with that in mind.. as of less is more... I've been really excited about this little bit of revelations come upon me that I've re set some goals and new direction..

 I'm excited about it and I feel by reading the Creative Habits book and also some other movies I've seen as of lately I'm in the process of beginning a new chapter...In my own creative life..

 Now who knows next week this could be all fooey..but it is really seem real and stronger then ever..

I ask myself does this make sense?  and the response to that is Why sure it does.... And my inner spirit is rooting for me as I write this out..


  1. You've got it all together, Laura.

  2. Oh just a mask April...underneath it all a scared chicken...

  3. I'm rooting for you too!


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