Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm finding the need to make plans..set out a new course of directions..almost as though I want to drop everything and start a new... well not completely new but make some changes.. Don't have any idea if it will work.  Let's say I've been putting the focus on my art and getting out there and can it been I still want to, but in a different way..?   Hmm as more comes to me I'll me sharing everything and anything.. I've been using blogging as a goal setter in many ways so why stop there.. I feel like I want to be like a little kid and say I just don't want to do it like that any more.. and I'm speaking in general with things.. The norm as everyone else is doing... I chatted with a friend and the word Sabbatical came up...Taking time off from over giving in areas that are all good but not very productive for me personally..(there's a repeat behavior)  You see I have that ability as the husband says, "to do that in my job or role of the homestead manager/wife, woman and artist" .. Mid life evaluations is where it's at. (not sports car, fancy trips or major jewelry, well a well used old jeep or Volkswagen beetle would be nice)   I cancelled the opportunity to travel and teach in upper Wisconsin...You see I wouldn't mind traveling but the teaching I think is where I'm passing.. I'm really following the instinct on this one and believing in a plan..not sure what it is yet but it isn't that.. The idea of writing a proposal for a the art place(artist retreat) Ragdale in Lake Forest IL sounds like a challenge  and I really wish Columbia College in Chicago would get their book arts classes up..seems it's same old stuff..Well just Laura rambling a bit and being restless...I feel kind of like the wind lately as it blows one direction I'm going to flow with it...  my relative are cawing this morning what a wonderful sound from winged ones...

Finished reading Living Color by Natalie Goldberg
and starting Twyla Tharp's Teh creative Habit, learn it and use it for life..


  1. Right by your side there. Ok, yep you're far ahead on the road but I can still see ya. Hugs!

  2. You put a lot of people's feeling into words, Laura. I can feel what you are feeling.

  3. Laura ….follow your heart and intuition. Trust. It will faithfully guide into whatever is next for you.

  4. I'm pretty pleased you have identified where the major stressors are at and are letting go of them. Kudos!


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