Tuesday, August 31, 2010

List just started growing this morning.. what happened?

Well I've not hear from Robin at 4Arts so I'm going to have to give her a call today and I just was accepted for the Adorment show at the Hinsdale Center for Arts.  Oh crud that reminds me I need to contact a person in Aurora today also to see if' I'll be showing in the Resturant for Oct, Nov ish...keeping track...I have a system but still need a wife...One that will work and I don't have to pay her for her time...hahaha.
My list is growing...

My daughter does what she does best and just pulled together a quick banner for the window at the LaGrange Art League for the Make Your Mark Journal Project coming up..so I had to run into the art league to get the approvel first from all the people.  Which it was granted and now that it dond and I'll be picking the banner up today..

I completely for got to get a Garage Sale permit for the event this weekend as of I need to have this permit to have the outdoor studio event..so that's on the list to do's
I would like to rent the movie Goya ghost again for my cousin so she can see it...interesting to learn about this other artist from so long ago..

I have to pick up two more sets of my 13 moon cards and a few extra single ones they were to be ready on Monday but the didn't get to them..busy little place and I did come in at the last minute so what do I expect...I'm pushing it I guess.

and I have a small date with a friend for some tea time...which I badly need..got to fit socializing in there..I do spend a lot of time in solitude.  which I don't mind as you can see I've got plenty to keep myself busy

Oh and the pets need some attention today too.

So all this and what next...it's good to be busy now as of the event this weekend my anxiety is high and I know me I need to be productive.. bustin moves all over the place.. and checking things off.


  1. Event planner is a entrepreneur position! People pay for it.

  2. Now that's an idea...one of those things I'm pretty good at too. I'll make note of that and get ready to add to the list...hahaha.


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